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    Ask good questions!

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  6. 'Jew in a Box' museum exhibit provokes questions in Berlin →


    “I’m in the exhibit.” A weird thing to say. Or maybe I just didn’t say it right in German. Whichever, the frazzled young woman at the coat check thought I just didn’t want to wait in the longest line I’ve ever seen at Berlin’s Jewish Museum. I felt bad cutting, but it was a good 40 minutes and I had 15. The back-and-forth continued, the confusion mounting until at last a native speaker intervened: “He means, he is the exhibit.”

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  7. humblenudge:

    Based on the number of friends who so quickly and independently came to the NPR and New York Times’ stories I was in tells me U.S. media need not fear the future quite so much. Or, my friends are total nerds.

  8. German States Oppose Water Privatization →

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    VIDEO: Was kann ich für Sie tun? Business & Communication Services by Bill Glucroft. (A shame the video fades out before the true end of my presentation, which I finished exactly as the timer rang. Pretty neat.)

  10. Sky Reporter Mark Stone Detained in China →


    Amadeus Chueng, youtube.com

    Bureaucracy’s circular logic. And not only in China.

    I wonder where this friendly Chinese police officer learned his English so well