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    You asked for it, and here it is! “Threw it on the ground”, by Lonely Island.

    Please don’t throw this on the ground.

  2. It’s funny because it has a double meaning

    A man, an ostrich, and a cat

    Watch out: This one is vulgar. Can you spot the double meaning at the end?

  3. NPR in English: Right here in Berlin →

    Did you know NPR (National Public Radio, the American BBC) has a station right here in Berlin, broadcasting all the real and regular programming you can listen to on NPR in the U.S.?

    No new technology required: Just tune to 104.1 FM on your radio dial.

    And this link will give you information about the upcoming Improv Festival, happening this weekend in Berlin. A great way to have a good time learning English.

  4. American vs. British English →

    When dumbest of dumb Americans, Todd Margaret (David Cross), heads to London for an impressive position in a questionable business, absurdity can be the only result.

    "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" is a hilarious — albeit extremely vulgar, awkward and extreme — depiction of what happens when you drop a dimwitted American into “sophisticated” Europe.

    The show, produced for British TV but shown in America on IFC, isn’t easily available online, so you have to be creative in finding a way to watch it.

  5. Practice your English and have a fun night out with improv comedy! →

  6. Beate writes:

    My first meeting with Jeff was on TV in 2010 – every Sunday before midnight there was The Jeff Dunham Show on TV. I have assumed that he will never leave the USA for a world tour. But now my dreams come true – he will be in Tempodrom on 1th of May 2012.

    This Guy is brilliant, funny, has an excellent black humor. He plays with several puppets and my favorite is “Achmed the dead Terrorist”. The special of Mr. Dunham is he act from his stomach / speaks without moving the lips – I don’t know the word for “Bauchredner”. I can really suggest this special event for everybody who likes black humor and of course this event take place in English – nice isn’t it?

    Disadvantage: the price for a ticket starts by 50.00 Euro - horrible expensive – I am looking for a Sponsor – who will donate me?