1. Be German in just 20 steps →

  2. Racism: U.S. vs. France →

    What U.S. and French reaction to Les Intouchables (Ziemlich Beste Freunde) says about both nation’s views on race and racism.

  3. Blow/NYT: How modern politics changes language →

  4. Nice Jazz Album “So Oder So” of Lucid

    If you like young and fresh jazz music, I recommend the first album “So oder so” of the German jazz band Lucid. Lydia Schiller (vocals) is an exceptional talent and able to scat and swing in an uncommon way (as mentioned in the review of the music critic Jack Bowers).

    Review of Jack Bowers:

    More about the CD “So Oder So”:

    More about Lucid and the band members:

  5. American companies learn the value of vacation →

    Europeans are always shocked to learn that Americans enjoy no legal right to time off from work. Workers in the U.S. are lucky to get 2 weeks of paid vacation. Here, an article examines the sense of that.

  6. A perhaps more authentic view of Holi

  7. Posted on behalf of Beate

  8. Madagascar is back!

    The third part of the movie will be in the german cinemas,soon.

    Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippopotamus set out to return to New York after escaping to Africa.

    I think that will be a lot of fun :-)

  9. Holi-time :-)


    I love this spirit:-)

  10. How to be English


    Not really new, but this one’s a classic if you wanna find out how to make a nice cup of English tea ;)