1. Jon Stewart explains the importance of demonstrative pronouns. This vs. that.

  2. What is “fair game”?

  3. The U.S. tax system: Complex, unfair and full of loopholes. ”On Point with Tom Ashbrook”, produced by NPR’s Boston affiliate, WBUR, asks tax experts from different perspectives if the U.S. tax system needs changing and, if so, how.

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    Politico op/ed: Buffett rule or real tax reform?

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  4. Formal or informal? Always difficult, especially in email. Daily Show’s Jon Stewart looks at the kind of language Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is using in emails to its supporters.

  5. How does Russian sound in English? Threatening. Daily Show’s Jon Stewart gives a funny lesson in why it’s important to choose the right word and phrase carefully. If you don’t, the whole meaning — though grammatically correct — may be wrong.

    Also another fine reason bilingual dictionaries and translators aren’t helpful: They know the word, but not the context.

  6. A follow up to Bill Maher’s New York Times op/ed, here’s Jon Stewart’s take on offensive language.

  7. More on German vs. U.S. sensibilities →

    Whereas in the United States Hitler gets thrown around like a baseball in a casual game of catch, Germans are naturally much more circumspect about evoking their dark ghost.

    Once again, Jon Stewart makes plain the absurdity of using Hitler as a foil for contemporary American politics. Click the headline link to watch.

  8. German vs. American sensibilities →

    German president, Christian Wulff, officially stepped down today, after a tumultuous PR battle resulting from financial favors that were ethically and legally questionable. He joins former defense minister, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, who was forced to resign amid accusations of plagarising his doctorate decades ago.

    Character flaws brought these men down. They violated two of Germany’s most valued ideals: fairness and honesty.

    Would that be enough to ruin an American political figure? Probably not. In the U.S., sex and nudity are the red lines.

    Click the headline link for Jon Stewart’s perspective of obscenity in American media.