1. Here’s just one example of quick listening practice you can do every day. Every hour, in fact. National Public Radio, as well as the BBC and just about every other major news organization, produces loads of free and fantastic content — text, audio and video.

    Take advantage of it.

    Don’t find this hourly news update interesting? Visit the iTunes Store, or the website of your favorite English news organization, and see what else they have. Start listening regularly. There’s no reason not to!

  2. The U.S. tax system: Complex, unfair and full of loopholes. ”On Point with Tom Ashbrook”, produced by NPR’s Boston affiliate, WBUR, asks tax experts from different perspectives if the U.S. tax system needs changing and, if so, how.

    See also:

    Politico op/ed: Buffett rule or real tax reform?

    The Daily Show: How the wealthy avoid taxes

  3. NPR in English: Right here in Berlin →

    Did you know NPR (National Public Radio, the American BBC) has a station right here in Berlin, broadcasting all the real and regular programming you can listen to on NPR in the U.S.?

    No new technology required: Just tune to 104.1 FM on your radio dial.

    And this link will give you information about the upcoming Improv Festival, happening this weekend in Berlin. A great way to have a good time learning English.

  4. Content suggestions for advanced learners →

    Need ideas about what to watch, read and listen to? Click the headline link to check out this list I’ve prepared.